Women! We have ancient powers that we are now tapping into. Diversity is beautiful, lets all learn to accept it. Hope next time it ends in PALESTINE!! How wonderful is the scene of women from different countries living all together in harmony. Very happy that the Palestinian group was able to make it, hoping next time it will end in our country. Let us pledge to continue to build on the friendship that we have developed on the last ten days and work towards a free world for all women. And while we do this remember the camaderie that we shared whilst cycling and during our dancing. Keep follow the women alive by taking this opportunity to plan for future actions! Thank you all for the memories you have given me during follow the women. With faith behind us, HOPE in front of us and LOVE beside us we can all take small steps that would make a big difference – here’s to  a PEACEFUL future filled with love, light + laughter. We are the mothers, sisters, daughters let us use the special essence for womanhood to be peacemakers. Peace depends on our coherence, start respecting, loving and trying to understand the people who’s closer to you. Act locally, think globally. We realize we have the same dreams, fears, hopes and problems. Join and act globally and the frontiers will not be there for all. Open up to each other! Together for a better future J Lets follow the women to a brighter, better place filled with peace, love, and happiness for all. Don’t forget “Just do it”. Work for an Open Movement Essential and Never-ending.

Remember those big hills in front of you? The one you thought you would never make? Well actually you made it. Let it be an example of how we can reach the highest things as long as we persist. Thanks for all your positive energy. Remember we can make it happen! Off course we can make it happen, with the innate love God has endowed us with. Our heart controls our brain, and we have proved that both can control our body. Thus, all three elements are fully implemented in us…. For a world of respect, love and faith.

For a world in peace, follow the women and open your mind…… Lets cooperate, be hopeful and stay determined and we can do anything and everything.

Just don’t let it disappear. If I had the chance, I will change the world. This only the beginning…… we can do, we will try to do…..

With love from Follow the Women Participants 2004