In early 2009 Follow the Women were planning the next Pedal For Peace for that October.  Having been involved in the organisation of the 2008 ride but not able to participate in the ride itself, I was really keen to go on this one. 

My dilemma was that I had two young children at home – aged 3 and 5.  I had never left them and they had never been apart from me.  I was particularly worried about leaving my eldest child – as it would mean missing his 6th birthday.  I decided to talk to my son’s teacher about my concerns and to see if she had any suggestions.  She suggested that as my son couldn’t come with me, maybe the class teddy bear could come instead.  I thought this was a great idea. 

My son made Ted his own passport, my children saw us off at the airport and we were Beirut bound! Of course the children missed me and I very much missed them.  But when I got home, I was able to tell them all about Ted’s adventures.  I made sure that Ted got involved in every aspect of the ride.  He was such a useful icebreaker, was loved by all and some of the women even sewed his very own Follow the Women cycling shirt.  I returned to the UK full of the stories of Ted and what he had experienced in a way that the children could relate to.

You can see for yourself what he got up to.