I have been involved many Follow The Women bike rides and I have been the Country Coordinator for Italy in 2007, 2008 and 2009.  I was born in Tripoli, Libia, North Africa and lived there until 1970, so my heart and lifeblood are very close to the people of the Middle East.

In my home town of Padova, I am now very well known for my involvement in Follow The Women. There are large Palestinian communities in Padova which is also where my interest in FTW comes from.  I like FTW as it is a non-political organisation and I like taking part in the bike rides to talk to different people with different ideas and experiences.   I am generally not a very emotional person who cries very easily but I find I am always crying on the bike rides because the experiences we have as participants and the places that we visit are very moving and sometimes sad, for example, the Golan Heights.

I am part of many women’s groups working voluntarily for peace and I am in the process of forming a Follow the Women Italian organisation.

Luisa Trigila

Padova, Italy