It all started over a phone with a good friend of mine “Fotouh Younis” – Country Coordinator in 2007. I was back then working as an Event Coordinator in a private company, I remember Fotouh was checking on me and how I was doing when she suddenly said calmly “what about going for a cycling ride from Lebanon to Jordan?”, she said the magical words, so I took my cell and went out of the office to know more details, then I said “YES”. 

I went home and waited for the right timing to discuss this with my parents as to get their approval; I don’t know how I got so brave to struggle for their acceptance, but like always the discussion ends by “Go… we don’t know from where you find such crazy activities!!!” and by this, the first step was done. My second obstacle was getting two weeks off from the work I recently joined, I prayed then went to the office, I asked to see my manager, and I sat with him in the morning, I said what I knew about Follow The Women – FTW back then, (women for peace, going cycling in the Middle East), then I asked him for my annual leave, he took a sip of coffee, lightened his cigarette and said “ok”!!! “WOW that it!!!” I directly went and talked with my other friends to encourage them to participate, but only one managed to make it, my dearest friend who is like my little sister “Reem Manna”. Few days later I sent my passport then started rehearsing on the bikes, and few weeks after that, that day came, the first day of Follow The Women, Friday, April, 6th 2007.  Click here to read more.