Next bike ride: 30 September - 8 October 2017

We have been trying to organise another FTW ride for years but circumstances worked against us. Of course, we would all love to do the same as before Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine but this is not possible currently.  

Detta has been in talks with Beirut By Bike for months and now, following her action packed visit to Lebanon earlier this year, the time is right to do something.  So the next Follow the Women bike ride is planned for 31 September - 8 October 2017.  This is a WOMEN ONLY bike ride.

The idea is to hand over all the organisation, accommodation, bike routes to our hosts.

Who are our hosts

Beirut by Bike is our main sponsor and will coordinate the ride and provide the bikes free of charge.

Municipalities and NGOs on our route through Lebanon

Where will we ride?

From the University of Balamand in the north of Lebanon, through Tripoli, Byblos, Beirut, Sidon to Sour, then from the south we go to the Bekaa Valley, finishing in Beirut.

We will meet with local women and visit Palestinian and Syrian refugee camps.  We will determine our evening programme.

Will we have back up?

Yes, we will be followed by a backup vehicle.  I have asked to cut down the use of lots of buses, we can’t talk about helping the environment if we have 6 buses following us at all times. Everyone will be expected to cycle.

The Red Cross will be with us and Beirut by bike staff for any help we may need.


Don’t expect 5* because there is none! We are doing this in a very modest way. We went to the municipalities and asked them to accommodate up to 300 women and provide food for free. They love the idea of Follow the Women so they all agreed to do it but weren’t sure how, or where but they will find somewhere. Maybe in schools or universities. Our great problem is showers and toilets. It will be warm and we need a shower after cycling so it’s a problem which they will try to find an answer.

The good thing is that we are staying on a big boat in Beirut on the first and last nights, so a bit of luxury.


$75 US.  Beirut By Bike is imposing no cost but there will be a participation fee to cover all additional unsupported costs and any excess will go to support our Follow the Women projects such as our playgrounds. 

Media Coverage

Every country is expected to bring a female media person. There will be a media truck with us at all times.

Food, water

Food will be provided.  Water available at all times while we’re cycling.

For more information click here and updates will be provided as soon as they are available.  Watch this space!