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Lilly Ann's Story
Saturday September 11 2010 - 11:33
“ I follow Betsy!”  I have known Betsy for many years and she introduced me to travelling and cycling, and together we have cycled in Uruguay, Guatemala, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico and Iceland.  I really like the idea that bicycling can make as much as a difference to others as it has to me and I am committed to this.  I would also like to make a contribution to others Follow The Women gives me the opportunity to do this.

I felt that this was cause for which we would be able to raise money.  I have done this before for bike rides for Aids charities, so I became the driving force for fund raising for the Californian contingent of the US team.  Together we managed to raise a staggering $14000.  To read more about how we did this, click here.  (here there will be a link to a story I am writing from the information you, Jane and Betsy sent me or the annual report)

During the bike ride I had the feeling that we were giving people hope by being there and cycling, and that gave me hope for peace too.  I also felt that small things really do make a difference.  Follow The Women has shown me that if “you give hope, you get hope”.  I saw a vision for world peace.  Before I felt that there is always going to be conflict and there is no solution, but now there’s hope.

Lilly Ann Popken

Santa Cruz, California