The fifth Follow the Women bike ride took place in October 2009 with nearly 250 women representing more than 30 nationalities taking part. It was agreed that this was the most successful and productive ride so far and co-ordinators expressed the opinion that the conference had gone a long way to ensure this. New countries took part, new places were visited ranging from Be’lin, Al-Ram, Hebron and Silwan in Palestine, Tripoli and Byblos in Lebanon and Homs and Daraa in Syria. The ride received high profile welcomes throughout its course and the women had the opportunity to visit the two completed playgrounds in Jericho and Al Ram and refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine. At the end of the ride all participants pledged to take on three actions in the coming year to further the work of Follow the Women. 

The bike ride 2009 was supported by:


  • The Progressive Youth Organisation   
  • Beirut by Bike 
  • Local Municipalities 
  • Edde Sands, Lebanese Peace Party 



  • Her Excellency Mrs Asma Al-Assad of Syria 
  • MTN 
  • Syrian Commission for Family Affairs 


  • Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah II
  • Landmark Hotel
  • The Foundation for the Future
  • Jordan University
  • The Civil Society Development Centre of the Jordan University of Science & Technology (JUST)



  • Mr Al-Husseini, Chief of Staff for the Palestinian Authority
  • Prime Minister Dr Salam Fayyad
  • Mayor, Mr Sarhan Salaymeh and members of Al-Ram Local Council 
  • Dr. Hussein Al-Araj, Governor of Hebron 
  • Mr Musa Abu Zeid, Deputy Minister of Youth & Sport