PBILD and Generator recognized 21st September, International Peace Day in the South of Serbia

Every year since 2006 Serbian youth NGO, Generator from Vranje, recognizes International Peace Day. This year PBILD joint programme of UN agencies in the South of Serbia joined Generator together with youth offices in Vranje and Bujanovac and recognized International Peace Day (recognized by UN since 1982) by organizing a street action in these two cities at noon on 21st September 2010.
Young volunteers from 13 Municipalities and Cities in South Serbia joined their friends in two cities to recognize and celebrate the day dedicated to peace and send a message of peace to the world.

The activities undertaken during the two-hour events were:
• Distribution  of balloons to kids and youth
• Writting the messages of peace
• Making peace graffiti 
• Showing a peace message on sky by paragliding

As a part of this action, over 20 young volunteers of Generator joined the action and organized a street photo-exhibition showing women peace initiative in the Middle East – Follow the women. Since 2003 there were five peace rides in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine organized when around 300 women from over 30 countries participate. The goal of this symbolic ride is to draw public attention on human rights violation in Palestine – Gaza strip and West Bank and to appeal to all parties in conflict to solve it in a peaceful way, without armed conflicts and innocent victims.


21st of September was recognized by UN General Assembly in 1982.