On 18th May 2010, Betsy Schwartz, gave a wonderful presentation on her Follow The Women experience.  Betsy is a member of the Californian FTW team.  There were 6 women from California that joined a number of women from the East Coast of the US to form the FTW USA team.

The audience for her presentation consisted of many of the Follow The Women team members and their friends, colleagues and other contacts who were eager to find out more about the amazing experience Betsy and her fellow Californian team members had been a part of.

Also in the audience were three women from the UK team, including Follow The Women's founder Detta Regan, two from Italy and two from Japan.  (If you would like to know why the women from these other countries were there, click here.)
Betsy's presentation was a wonderful blend of facts and figures about the region that she had learned during the visit, and photos and videos that showed more about what she had experienced whilst in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine and about the people she had met.  It was enlightening and inspiring even for those who had encountrered the experience with her.

To read more about Betsy and why she became involved in FTW, click here.