Following the success of the playgrounds that Follow The Women has established in Jericho and Al Ram in the West Bank, we continued our fundraising efforts and have been able to commission two more playgrounds.

Following the invasion of Gaza in 2009 and the devastation that this left, it was decided that Gaza was the area of greatest need and should be the location for our next playgrounds. This was a unanimous decision supported by the whole of the Follow The Women Global organisation.

So two playgrounds have now been completed, one in Gaza and one in Khanyounis. We worked again with our partners, Sharek Youth Forum, and local suppliers to ensure these playgrounds were built correctly and that we are supporting the local economy. If you have any questions regarding the playgrounds projects please do not hesitate to contact us on

Follow The women would like to thank all those people who have generously sponsored the bike riders and/or provided donations to enable us to complete such worthwhile projects. If you would like to make a donation to support our future projects please click here to find out how.