The theme is From Heritage to Here

This was a youth exchange to Palestine where 15 young people from across Wokingham Borough and 15 young people from Jericho in the West Bank took part. The exchange took place between 27th June and 7th July 2008.

The purpose of the project was to develop, explore and share experiences of heritage and its affect on the group's everyday lives.  The outcomes of breaking down of barriers and stereotypes, and developing understanding of themselves were achieved by building on live experiences of group members, from their home lives and those experienced during the previous project in July 2007.


The exchange was designed to give live experiential learning. This was achieved through group experiences based on establishing and maintaining effective working relationships for problem solving, communication, in depth discussion and understanding.

The objectives were:
1. To promote a belief in human rights, dignity and equality
2. To learn new skills and take on new challenges both physical, mental and spiritual
3. To understand the nature of social, moral and political challenges faced by themselves in a European and International community
4. To understand each other’s cultures and backgrounds to promote peace and solidarity and to understand more about themselves in the context of their shared heritage

Also one of the projects as part of the exchange was to paint a mural on the wall of the site where the Follow The Women playground was to be located.