Girls United was born out of the conference at the end of Follow The Women in 2004 in Jordan.  Each group was lead by a Follow The Women member.

Girls United brought together girls from Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, many of who were Palestinian girls living in refugee camps.  Also, included Sweden, Basque Country and UK.  This exchange brought together able bodied and disabled girls from different backgrounds who experienced different sports, some for the first time.  Sport is a great leveller and included all participants of differing levels of abilities.  Many of the girls had not experienced some of the sports, which included cycling, canoeing, wall climbing,  archery, basket ball, badminton etc.

Due to cultural acceptance, many Arabic girls do not have sport in school after the age of 11.  Therefore, many of the teenage girls had not experienced sports for years, or not had the opportunity to experience the sport at all.

Many of the Arabic girls went on to get involved in the next FTW ride.