Follow the Women organisation has developed over the last 5 years and became a registered charity in the UK in 2008.  Detta Regan and the Trustees of the Charity recognise the need to develop the organisation internationally in a more structured and coherent way.  In 2008 there were over 250 women from 40 countries taking part in the Bike Ride and there is clearly a need to develop an international organisational structure to agree a vision for the future and to plan further events.  To this end we plan to hold a Conference in the UK in June 2009 to:

‘PEDAL FOR PEACE – Oiling the Wheels’

Aims of the Conference

1. Clarify and agree the aims and objectives of Follow the Women International as identified in the Follow the Women UK Charity Commission Constitution.

2. Develop and implement an international organisational structure similar to the U.K. Board of Trustees that will be responsible for the development of the aims and objectives of Follow the Women International.

3. Develop a Bike Ride Management Group to:

a) Facilitate the planning process and the smooth operation of the Bike Ride;

b) Indentify and negotiate sponsorship in the countries where the Bike Ride takes place;

c) Enable the Follow the Women international organisation to have more control over the itinerary of the Cycle Ride;

d) Enable Follow the Women international to make contact with local community groups and to support projects that meet the objectives of the FTW organisation;

e) To coordinate communications within the organisation, with the external media and with other organisations working in the region of conflict.