Award of the FTW prize 2009

This award is given each year to a passionate person (or a group or a project), who has made a difference for his/her fellow human beings, and who is working for peace between people through 
dialogue and reflection.

The Follow the Women prize 2009 was awarded to Mahira El-Dajani, a life-long educator and President of the Board of Trustees of Dar al Tifl since 1995 in East Jerusalem.

Dar al Tifl was founded as an orphanage by Hind Husseini in 1948 after the Deir Yassin massacre where 100 men, women and children were killed.

Today 250 orphans live at Dar El Tifl and 1450 day students receive instruction from pre-school to graduate level studies. All high school graduates have excellent English skills.  Mahira El-Dajani has devoted many years of her life to the children in Dar al Tifl. In spite of the harassment of the settlers around the school, the purpose of her work is to teach the children the love of peace and to train them to accept peaceful coexistence as a reality and to forget the evils of war.  There is also a link to Denmark, because Mahira El-Dajani visited Denmark in the 1950’s as a representative of the Jordanian girl scouts. We presented Mahira with this prize and we hope that she considers this as an encouragement for her continued efforts for the children of Dar al Tifl. We would like her to know that we admire the job she is doing and her work serves as an inspiration for other women to fight for what they believe in. 


Follow the Women Denmark