One of the first initiatives supported by Follow the Women was a counselling project in Ramallah in partnership with the PYU.

The overall objective was to help improve the well being of Palestinian young people and children.

The two specific objectives were:-

  1. To increase the quality of counselling services.
  2. To provide the community with psychology services.

Those targeted were children, young people and parents in Ramallah.  The main criteria for help were:-

  • Areas most affected by the situation
  • Those injured/disabled in Ramallah
  • Areas closed  by Israeli forces
  • Huge number of unemployed young people.
  • Huge number of ex detainee young people
  • Early marriage cases.
  • School drop out cases.
  • Lack of counselling institutions working with young people.
  • Young people with sexual problems

Follow the Women’s contribution went towards training for staff and services were provided to young people and children through open days, group counselling, individual counselling and family counselling.