• Follow The Women support MAP's emergency response in Gaza 2015

    Follow The Women support MAP's emergency response in Gaza 2015

    Follow The Women is delighted to announce that we have made a significant donation to MAP – Medical Aid for Palestine, to support their emergency response work in Gaza

  • Playground 5 - Jenin

    Playground 5 - Jenin

    In September 2014, Follow The Women International sponsored a new playground project in Jenin in Palestine, joining forces with Follow The Women Denmark and The Danish House in Palestine to make this happen.

  • Playgrounds 3 & 4 - Gaza

    Playgrounds 3 & 4 - Gaza

    Following the success of the playgrounds that Follow The Women has established in Jericho and Al Ram in the West Bank, we continued our fundraising efforts and have been able to commission two more playgrounds.

  • Girls United

    Girls United

    Girls United was born out of the conference at the end of Follow The Women in 2004 in Jordan. Each group was lead by a Follow The Women member.

  • FTW meets CCE

    FTW meets CCE

    In May 2010 FTW teams from the UK, Italy and Japan desecended on Santa Cruz, California. Why?

  • Playground 2 - Al Ram

    Playground 2 - Al Ram

    Following the success of the playground project in Aqbat Jabr in Jericho, Follow The Women have now completed the next one!

  • Follow The Women Award 2009

    Follow The Women Award 2009

    This award is given each year to a passionate person (or a group or a project), who has made a difference for his/her fellow human beings, and who is working for peace between people through dialogue and reflection.

  • Italian book - Segui le donne

    Italian book - Segui le donne

    In 2008, the Italian Follow The Women team included an author, who has now written a book about her experiences on the bike ride. This book has been published.

  • FTW International Conference 2009

    FTW International Conference 2009

    Follow the Women organisation has developed over the last 5 years and became a registered charity in the UK in 2008.

  • Playground Project - Jericho

    Playground Project - Jericho

    During the bike ride in 2008, the Follow The Women bikers visited the Aqbat Jabr refugee camp in Jericho. This is one of the oldest camps in the West Bank, and in 1948 around 70,000 people lived there.

  • Donation to Gaza

    Donation to Gaza

    Following the invasion of Gaza at the start of 2009, Follow The Women decided to make a donation of £1000 towards the support efforts.

  • Medical Kits to Gaza

    Medical Kits to Gaza

    FTW Jordanian team sent raised funds, sourced, packed and shipped 1000 domestic medical kits to GAza during the conflict.

  • Heritage to Here

    Heritage to Here

    This was a youth exchange to Palestine where 15 young people from across Wokingham Borough and 15 young people from Jericho in the West Bank took part. The exchange took place between 27th June and 7th July 2008.

  • Counselling Project

    Counselling Project

    Following the first Follow The Women bike ride and conference in 2004, it was that any funds raised from sponsorship would go towards funding a counselling project in Ramallah.

  • Fun Hut

    Fun Hut

    The Fun hut is an independent Palestinian, non-governmental and non profitable youth group that was formed in 2006.  The group is dependent on voluntary workers. It's main purpose is to organise children activities such as fun days, birthday parties, Christmas Parties, summer camps and visits to schools & nurseries.